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Neck Injuries

There are many different types of neck injury claims that can be made for a whole host of neck injuries, ranging from minor neck injury claims for whiplash injuries or damage to the soft tissues of the neck (tendons, ligaments, muscles) to neck injury claims for catastrophic neck injuries such as prolapsed discs, or neck injuries that lead to quadriplegia.

Compensation amounts that are awarded for neck injury claims will generally depend on a number of factors, such as the level of physical disability caused by the neck injury, or any other ongoing sympthoms as a result of the neck injuries.

The amount of compensation you could expect to be awarded for neck injury claims depends on the severity level of your whiplash injuries or other neck injuries:

Minor: £750 to £4,575
Moderate: £4,475 to £14,500
Severe: £14,000 to £86,000

Minor neck injury claims will incorporate whiplash injuries, or other minor neck injuries where the victim has recovered within weeks, while Severe neck injury claims will be awarded where the victim has been left permanently disabled, or with severe physical limitations, as a result of the neck injury.

If you think you have a case for compensation for your neck injuries, whether they be whiplash injuries or something more severe, then why not get in touch with us today and our specialist neck injury claims solicitors will be able to guide you through the entire process for getting the compensation that your neck injury claims deserve.

Whether you are seeking whiplash injury compensation, or are seeking different neck injury claims, our specialist team of personal injury solicitors are here to help.

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