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Minor Head Injury

The types of head injuries that would be classed as minor head injuries during a head injury compensation claim include wounds to the scalp, concussions, headaches and migraines, amongst others.

The amount of head injury compensation a person could expect to be awarded for their minor head injuries would depend on a number of factors relating to the minor head injuries they have suffered. The judge in a head injury compensation claim would generally take into account the period of time taken to recover from the minor head injuries, and the extent of any ongoing symptoms experienced as a direct result of the minor head injuries.

Typical head injury compensation amounts for minor head injuries generally range between £1,300 and £7,425, with lesser head injuries attracting head injury compensation amounts from the lower end of the scale, with the head injury compensation figure rising as the minor head injuries become more severe.

If you have suffered minor head injuries as a result of an accident, you may be entitled to minor head injury compensation. Get in touch with us today and we will assign you your own head injury solicitor from our team of head injury claims specialists, who will guide you through the entire head injury compensation process, and offer you all of the minor head injury advice that you could possibly need.

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